Thirdwheeling In Egypt

You’re all probably wondering from the title ‘who in their right mind would go on holiday with a couple’, and the answer is me. I did.

2015. Summer was approaching and I was in dire need of a holiday, so I picked up my phone and text my sister ‘let’s book a holiday’. Before I knew it, my sister was at the travel agents, about to book a 7-night holiday to Egypt, and my sister’s boyfriend was coming along. At first when I told my friends, they all asked the same questions ‘won’t it be awkward’, ‘won’t you feel like a third wheel’, and I thought that it very well could be, but all I could think about was getting out of this country. To be honest, I’m close to my sister and her boyfriend is like family, and we all have a laugh together.

(Disclaimer: Yes I booked my own room, before some of you have some weird ideas that we all shared a room)

So, the day finally came, where I was off to Egypt. I’ll skip all the boring details about getting to the airport but after a long 5 hour flight, in an incredibly stiff seat, I landed in Sharm el-Sheik International Airport.

We had a transfer to our resort as part of the package deal and I could not wait to see the stunning, all-inclusive 5* hotel resort we booked. I’m usually always sceptical when it comes to hotels, and fear that it won’t look like how it does in the pictures, but as the taxi drove through the gates to my resort I was mesmerised. The entrance walkway was stunning.

If you think the outside looked good, wait until you see what’s on the other side.

Now I won’t lie, the first rooms we were taken to were not the standard we expected. The rooms were not in clean air-conditioned hallways, they were actually spread across the resort, in between the 8 outdoor swimming pools. The resort itself was stunning but the rooms we had were appalling and not the ‘5 star’ standard we were hoping for. In my room, the shower was broken, there were cockroaches and I was freaked out. There was no way I was staying in that room. After kicking up a fuss, they moved us to a more deluxe area of the resort and the room was much better. 

I was also even more annoyed me when all the male workers thought my sister’s boyfriend had two wives ‘oh brother, you’re so lucky to have two wives’. I cringed.  As you can imagine, it was super awkward. At first it was a joke, and as a lovely tourist who had just arrived, I laughed it off and clarified that was not the case, but it became a daily occurrence and it grated on me. My attitude awoke as I couldn’t refrain any longer, and let’s just say the remarks eventually stopped.

Anyway, that’s all the boring details, I want to show you all the amazing experiences I had! First of all the resort…

The picture doesn’t do it justice at ALL, but the resort was truly stunning. The weather would hit 38-40 degrees most days and I was literally baking alive. Every morning, we would have a buffet breakfast in the reception, which to be quite frank was a shock to my system, so I stuck to the basic stuff like toast and eggs. Boring. I know. After breakfast we would grab a towel, find our spot by one of the 8 outdoor pools and relax.

Now as much as I like relaxing and tanning, I was there for an adventure. So after a couple days of relaxing and settling in, it was time to have fun!

The first activity we did was QUAD BIKING in the Sinai Desert. 

(Please don’t insult my shoes, I came unprepared so I didn’t have a choice!)

This was the first time I was ever going quad biking. I was in the middle a desert, in 38 degrees heat, getting ready to embark on this excursion and to be honest, I was absolutely bricking it.  I had every right to be too, given that I nearly died! Okay. That’s a slight exaggeration but during the ride, my wheel clipped a huge rock and I nearly spun out of control, luckily my driving skills are on point, so I got back in control. It was so fun nevertheless, and even though I slapped on a whole bottle of sun cream, I practically burned all over.

Next adventure I embarked on was camel riding and mountain climbing. I was really being serious when I said I wanted to do things and not just sit around tanning. Camel riding was probably the most painful thing I’ve ever done. In fact it was disastrous that I didn’t even last 5 minutes. I stupidly wore the wrong attire and so every time the camel moved, it was rubbing against my thighs and paining me in areas I prefer not to state. The camel themselves though were so surreal, they were huge.

After, we embarked on a mountain climb to watch the sunset, which was the most terrifying experience,  we had no harnesses or a clear footpath. The path was rocky and the mountain was HIGH, but once we got to the top, the view was stunning and the sunset was one of the most beautiful things I had ever seen. As we climbed back down the mountain, I was praying to make it down alive, because it was literally that dangerous. Once we made it down, the day ended with some traditional Egyptian food, shisha and star-gazing. It was a tiring but the most exhilarating day.

At night, Naama Bay was the place to be. (Sorry I don’t have any pictures to show you guys). It was vibrant, cheery, and full of life. There were beautifully lit fountains too. The strip was lined with an abundance of restaurants both cheap and fine dining ones, bars, shisha lounges and souvenir shops. Up and down the strip owners would relentlessly try to invite you in to their restaurants, offering you deals, the best food and entertainment, there was so much choice. There was even a Hard Rock Cafe, TGI Fridays and Pizza Hut much to my surprise.

One thing to note about the souvenir shops is that they will try to rip you off, so negotiation is KEY, and don’t just buy from the first shop you see. From my experience a lot of the “gold” souvenirs I bought rusted, so be wise with the quality of your choices. 

(As you can see in the picture, I was super tanned after 3-4 days).

I felt like I did so much in 7 days. I even went speed boating to spot dolphins and visited a beautiful beach which had the clearest blue water and softest yellow sand. It was absolute bliss.

The last few days, I relaxed at the hotel. I got a full body Egyptian massage which was OUT OF THIS WORLD. My body was clicking and cracking in places I never even knew could. It cost next to nothing as well. The resort also had its own private beach which was a lovely edition.

7 days of fun and a million mosquito bites later, I was starting to get home sick and missed my mum’s food, so I was glad to be going home, but it was a break I so enjoyed and needed to give me that reboot and refresh, before I came back to London to face reality.

Overall the trip was amazing! As you can imagine being on holiday with a couple and having my own room, I had a lot of time to myself. In a weird way it was just what I needed as I had a lot on my mind. It was nice to get away, clear my head, have an adventure and live life. It made we want to travel the world even more and continue seeing the wonders that are out there.

(All pictures used are my own)


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