The Breakfast Club

Waking up on a cold Sunday morning in Amsterdam, after practically passing out the night before (you probably know why given my location), I was HUNGRY. 

(Side note: Going to Amsterdam in November was not the best idea, it was insanely cold)

As me and the girls had planned, we were off to the Breakfast Club. Now I’ve always heard about this place, and always wondered what the hype was and boy oh boy did I finally understand when I was faced with my breakfast.

As we were led to some window seats, we were greeted with this menu, and my excitement was just accumulating as I read through the list:


Now, me being an absolute pancake lover, I already knew what I wanted and even then there was too much choice – I wanted to try EVERYTHING.

Eventually I went for the New York – with EXTRA Bacon and a Hot Chocolate.

At first I thought fruits and bacon, this could be a weird combination, but when I took my first bite, I honestly couldn’t feel any happier in that moment, it just tasted so amazing. It had the perfect blend of flavours, the pancakes were soft and cooked to perfection. I cleaned that plate in no time.

The hot chocolate was delicious too, it was warm, not too sweet or bland, and topped with whipped cream and mini cookies – the perfect combination.

The meal came to about 16 EUROS I think, so it was relatively expensive for a breakfast, but it was so worth it. I was satisfied, in good spirits and ready for a day of touring Amsterdam.

I haven’t been to the Breakfast Club in London (but I’ve heard it’s not as good), so if you ask me, if you’ve never been to the Breakfast Club – go to the one in Amsterdam! Believe me you won’t regret it.

Rating: 8/10

Branch: Haarlemmerplein 31, 1013 HR Amsterdam, Netherlands


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