When I’m planning a birthday, a nice and sophisticated dinner is always one of the items on my list. What’s more satisfying than dressing up  and having an exquisite dining experience.

The first time I went to Gaucho was for my 21st birthday. I dined at the Tower Bridge restaurant and for anyone who’s been here, you would know that the view from the restaurant at night is delightful. You’re met with the views of a lit up Tower Bridge, City Hall and glowing fountains to enhance your dining experience – adding to the modern and luxurious interior.

Upon arrival we were greeted by a friendly member of staff who offered to take our coats and led us to our seats. As you can see above, we got one of the best seats in the house, facing the view I had just described.

First of all the drinks menu. Now, I had no idea what to order and looking at the price of the drinks I was expecting to taste something spectacular. I decided to go for the nicest sounding cocktail, the “Cotton Candy Fizz“. In my head, I was expecting a nice pink drink that tastes sweet like cotton candy. When I was brought the drink, first of all the drink wasn’t pink and secondly it wasn’t sweet at all, it was so strong and not to my liking at all.

That’s when I realised I shouldn’t just read the name of the drinks and actually read what’s in them!

 Next was the meal. I already knew what I was eating. Steak of course. That was the Gaucho speciality! But now I was stuck with the choice of which steak to choose.

I opted for the Ancho – Rib Eye 300g (not that I knew what the weights actually meant or looked like), medium rare with a side of salad and chunky chips.

(If you don’t like your steak medium or medium rare then you’re really doing it all wrong)

The meal really did taste as good as it looks in the picture. I was impressed. The steak tasted so amazing and succulent, perfectly cooked. The mushroom sauce was a perfect combination with the steak. The meal did not disappoint at all.

The second time I went to Gaucho was for a private dining experience in Piccadilly for a close friend’s birthday. As I had already been previously, I knew the food was amazing.

As it was a large group, we opted to dine with a set menu. When I first read the menu my mouth was already watering.

Read it for yourself:

The starters were lovely and the mains were extremely delicious and full of flavour! Topping off with the most soft and rich brownies with cream for dessert.

The Mains

With both dining experiences, I was extremely satisfied.

The menu is pretty expensive and is somewhere I would only dine on occasion. So if you’re looking for a nice place to dine with some friends or family for a special occasion, or treat someone special, take out your wallet and spend it here because it’s worth every penny.

Rating: 8.5/10


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