SuperStar Korean

If you’re looking for a unique dining experience where it’s not your typical “ordering from a printed menu and the food is brought to you after 40 minutes of waiting” then this is the place to visit!

SuperStar Korean BBQ offers diners the opportunity to cook your own food – just the way you like it. Some people may think ‘why would I want to cook the food myself’. Well, the restaurant captures the idea of eating at your own pace, cooking meats to your liking, whether it be ‘well done, medium, rare’, and ensuring your food is hot and fresh when you consume it.

The menu 

The menu is of course full of delicious Korean delicacies. It offers a range of starters, appetisers and hot dishes which is brought to you already cooked, but my favourite part was – selecting the meats for the BBQ.

The menu offers a range of meats that are cut, cleaned and well marinated beforehand. You can choose from an assortment of beef, chicken, pork and seafood, accompanied with your choice of side dishes.

Starters / side dishes 

As a Korean food lover, I was familiar with the dishes and I opted for the following starters/ sides:

Kimchi – traditional pickled Chinese cabbage with garlic and chilled

Toppoki (spicy rice cake) – rice cakes in rich spicy chilli sauce

Traditional Mandoo – Pork and vegetable dumplings

Bibimbap – a traditional assortment of rice, vegetables, fried egg and beef boolgogi topped with a chilli sauce (you can also opt for chicken, pork and just vegetables)

As you can already see me and my family got slightly excited with our ordering but that was only the start!


For the BBQ (which I was super excited about) we selected the following dishes:

  1. Mixed Vegetables
  2. Belly Pork
  3. Marinated Lamb
  4. Rib Eye
  5. Rib Galbi
  6. Boolgogi 

Once all the dishes were brought out all we had to do was turn on the BBQ and get cooking!

The cooking process is very simple. You place whatever meats or vegetable on the BBQ and let it cook to your liking.

Overall, the service was great, and being able to have conversations and eat at your own pace, without having to sit and wait around for food to be brought to you was a unique factor of the restaurant which I really enjoyed.

Definitely a recommended go to for an extremely pleasant and different dinner date / celebration!

Rating: 8/10

Branch: 4 Central Piazza St Giles, St Giles High St, London WC2H 8AB


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