You guys already know I always look for dining hotspots that are a little different and unique and this is definitely one of them!

Inamo is an Oriental Fusion restaurant that offers an interactive dining experience, where you select your dinner and drinks straight from an online menu on an iPad. This allows you to order in your own time without having to wait ages for a waitress to come over and take your order. The idea is you are in charge of your experience.

The next feature is my favourite! The interactive table. Inamo offers you a chance to entertain yourself and your guests through different features on an interactive table, that you navigate with a cursor. The idea is to make your dining experience fun and enjoyable.

Believe me if you’ve never been here you’ll get excitable (me and friends certainly were, practically squealing everytime we discovered a new feature).

The different features I explored were:

– Games (I had a choice between a game of Ping Pong or Puzzles)

Doodle Board 

– Change the background of your dining table (both dynamic and stills)

– Chef watching (you can even select a camera option to see what’s going on in the kitchens)

I’m sure there’s many more features but those are one some me and friends explored and certainly enjoyed while we waited for our food!

The menu offers a selection of oriental asian dishes, fusing Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese and many more Asian cuisines. When I saw the menu it was honestly so hard to decide because I just loved the sound of everything. Have a look for yourself:

I opted for the following 3 course:

Starter – Shrimp & Vegetable Dim Sum and Vegetable Spring Rolls 

Main – Fillet Steak with Lotus Chip and a Vegetable Rendang 

Dessert – Chocolate Decadence 

An Indulgent dark chocolate mousse layered with chocolate cake and served with creamy coconut ice cream.

The meal was absolutely delicious. The starters were lovely, the dim sum was soft and the rolls were perfectly crisp. The lotus chips with the mains were a great addition, they complimented the meat really well as they weren’t too filling like normal chips. The dessert was like a explosion of rich chocolate creaminess!

The prices are quite expensive and again it’s not somewhere I would dine everyday but it’s definately good for those who like to spice up their dining experiences and try something a bit different.

If you wanted to engage with the waiters, the iPad had buttons to call the waiter or request the bill which I think was quite good. I’m the kind of diner where I’m not fond of waiters coming to the table every 10 minutes to ask if everything is okay but others might be different. If you do enjoy that interaction there are waiters on hand to help you and you can speak to them directly if needed.

Overall it was a great experience and a really good atmosphere to have fun with a group of friends or family.

Rating: 7.5/10

Branch: Covent Garden 


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